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This is a complete package which includes:


  • Candlestick Patterns Chart 1
  • Candlestick Patterns Chart 2
  • Candlestick Poster Detailed
  • Chart Patterns Poster 1"
  • Chart Patterns Poster 2


Risk Management Tools

  • Trade Planner
  • Position Size Calculator
  • Option Calculator
  • Instruction Videos 



  • 6 Step video coarse on putting it all together. 
  • FREE access to our Discord group where you can communicate with other traders and get live news and reports.
  • E-Book written by John Falcone "A Guide to Financing Your Future With Trading" 
  • Stock Trading Insights Trading Checklist and Video
  • Sign Up to become a member of StocktradingInsights website for Free and then get upgraded to the Members area for 1 whole year for FREE.


E-Book and Trading Tools Package

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